Get Your Eggs Benny Here: 5 delicious North Bay diners to discover

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The “ultimate” North Bay diner is highly contested among locals, especially when it comes to breakfast. Since two eggs, bacon, home fries and a side of toast is pretty much standard fare across the country, the deliciousness is in the details—and the ambience. Here are a few diners that can compete for the title of North Bay’s ultimate breakfast diner. Which one is your favourite?

Burger World has two newly renovated locations at 1308 Algonquin Ave and 1405 Hammond St, just off Highway 11/17 at the southern end of the city. Each location is equally delicious and serves homestyle breakfast all day. Their big selection of omelettes, sandwiches, sides, good coffee and the kid’s menu is great if you have a gang to feed. In warmer months both locations have outdoor seating for safer dining and ample parking.

Hoagie’s Diner is a 50s themed spot right off Highway 11/17 at 1128 O’Brien St. They’ve got mile-high piles of waffles and pancakes loaded with whipped cream and berries, traditional breakfasts served with baked beans, grilled ham and breakfast sandwich specials. Owner Kate Kuntz gave us the inside scoop:

“We use premium ingredients to make our menu items…only the best! We have a 50s diner theme and some of our menu items have 50s entertainer’s names: Chubby Checker Breakfast, James Dean Omelette, and The King’s (Elvis, of course) Breakfast Sandwich to name a few. We have great customer service. Our customers that came here as teenagers now have grown and have families that bring them in to experience Hoagie’s Diner. Nostalgic to be sure!”

Bay Truck Stop is a convenient stop right at 3060 Highway 11 N. You can fuel up, grab necessities from the adjoining convenience store, stretch your legs and stay for a hearty no fuss “trucker” sized breakfast. For a little extra you can upgrade your toast for fresh homemade bread. Last summer they served food to customers in the parking lot when indoor dining was restricted. Hopefully, they bring that back again because you’d never know how fun tailgating an eggs benny is until you try it.

Bay Truck Stop


Walking into the Fifty’s Diner located along Trout Lake Road, you are immediately welcomed by friendly staff and the delicious aroma of breakfast, lunch or dinner being cooked. As the name suggests, the restaurant gives off a bit of a fifties vibes with the walls adorned with pictures reminiscent of that era. One of the more popular breakfast dishes is the mouth-watering peameal eggs benedict served with three poached eggs, homefries or sliced tomato, and a side of fruit salad.

Fifty's Diner Eggs Benedict

Last but certainly not least is Ivan’s Restaurant. Located off Airport Rd at 1867 O’Brien St and tucked in a small plaza, it’s a quick and tasty place to start your day. Ivan’s serves all day traditional breakfasts, omelettes, sandwiches, and wraps. If you feel like poutine, but it seems a little early for that, Ivan’s has a breakfast version that feels like a much more reasonable way to start your day. Layers of poached eggs, home fries, and your choice meat (sausage or bologna are the most popular) smothered in hollandaise may put you in a food coma, but you’ve probably earned it after all the hard work you’ve done getting out of bed and having someone else make you breakfast.

North Bay is full of amazing spots to enjoy hearty, healthy, and unique breakfast dishes. Our diners are always ready to welcome hungry patrons looking for friendly service and great food—we look forward to seeing you soon!

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