Ice Skating

Ice skating is a beloved winter pastime that captures the essence of the season’s magic. As the temperatures drop and lakes and ponds freeze over, residents and visitors eagerly lace up their skates to glide across the glistening ice.

In North Bay, you can choose indoor – or outdoor skating! No need to keep yourself confined to a skating arena – though there are many of them here in North Bay, great for a day when winter is winning. There are also several outdoor community skating rinks that are perfect for a leisurely skate or a pickup hockey games, and a giant frozen lake in the middle.

One of the popular destinations for ice skating is at Lee Park where individuals, couples and families can experience the skate path which winds in and around the trees and parkland.  The skating path provides a smooth and enjoyable experience for skaters of all ages and skill levels.

The enchanting ambiance of winter, coupled with the joy of gliding on ice, makes ice skating in North Bay an exhilarating and memorable experience for all who partake.

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