VMUTS: Voyageur Multi-Use Trail System


The Voyageur Multi-Use Trail System (VMUTS) occupies a superbly scenic area between the ancient Algonquin Highlands and Laurentian Mountains, bordered by the Mattawa and Ottawa Rivers.  With a small population of only two thousand residents, the kind and helpful community of Mattawa offers visitors an intimate and welcome experience.

Spanning over 300 kilometers, VMUTS offers riders an extensive network of well-maintained trails that wind through scenic landscapes, including forests, fields, and frozen water bodies (winter trails only).

The trail system is designed to provide outdoor enthusiasts with an exceptional experience, whether they’re snowmobiling or riding ATVs. VMUTS offers a variety of trail options suitable for all skill levels, from beginners to experienced riders seeking more challenging routes.

Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor to the region, VMUTS offers an exciting adventure for snowmobilers and ATV riders alike. It’s an opportunity to explore the outdoors, connect with nature, and enjoy the thrill of riding through a well-maintained trail system.  VMUTS can be accessed via the Town of Mattawa which is approximately 45km east of North Bay.

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