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by | Feb 9, 2024 | Tourism Industry News


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Tourism North Bay is thrilled to announce the launch of a stunning new tourism magazine, showcasing the natural beauty and diverse attractions in North Bay. Designed to captivate and inspire, the magazine offers readers a spectacular, visual journey through the heart of Northern Ontario’s Gateway city.

With its sleek design and attractive imagery, the new magazine serves as a lure piece for visitors eager to explore the wonder of our vibrant destination. From pristine lakeshores and lush forests to urban eats and gallery hops, each page invites readers to discover the natural splendor and rich, cultural heritage that define North Bay.

“This new magazine represents a significant milestone for Tourism North Bay” said Tanya Bédard, Executive Director of Tourism North Bay.  “With the launch of the new website and calendar of events in 2023, the new magazine will no doubt enhance the continued efforts and outreach in promoting North Bay as a premier tourist destination.”

The magazine features insider tips from local fishing anglers and powersport enthusiasts, the rich tapestry of Indigenous history and culture, must-visit attractions and events, celebrating the Airforce Defence history as well as sharing valuable insights for travelers seeking authentic experiences and memorable adventures.

“We thank all of our local partners, writers and photographers who contributed to the publication and helped to make it a spectacular showcase of our city,” continued Ms Bédard.

Tourism North Bay Magazine Contributors

This new publication will be shared locally with all our accommodation providers and partners, shared at consumer marketplaces and distributed to tourist information sites across the province.  A full digital copy is also now available at

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