Foraging for Beginners

Our Foraging workshop takes place during a mindful tour of the little property that we are fortunate to live on located in Duschesnay Village, Nipissing First Nations in the Boreal region of Northeastern Ontario.
You will visit me for a few hours to discuss wildcrafting and its numerous benefits, learn botanical terms to help you in your future identifications and learn of the usage of the plants, trees and fungi we will identify during the exploration of my property. We will start off with a smudge and a tobacco offering to set our intention for our time together.

Depending on the time of year you choose to visit you may encounter garden preparations, monarch raising and you may be able to harvest a handful of purple pole beans! During your visit I will cover The Honorable Harvest which are guidelines to follow to ensure that we are respecting Mother earth and all beings that make her their home. You will pick up tips and tricks from my lived experiences and I will show you some useful items to have with you on your forays. During our closing sharing circle we will enjoy a cool drink of iced cedar tea in the warmer months and a hot cedar tea in the cooler months while we sit by an open fire (weather permitted). You will receive a Tobacco tie for your future offerings, a polymer clay nature themed charm made by me and a voucher for Ever Cool Ice Cream.



Duchesnay Falls, Trans-Canada Highway, North Bay, ON, Canada

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