Museums + Galleries


A variety of museums can be found in North Bay providing a glimpse into the region’s rich history, cultural and heritage. The North Bay Museum is a popular destination, showcasing exhibits that delve into the city’s logging and mining history as well as its role as a main transportation hub. Visitors of all ages can explore interactive displays and historical artifacts as well as learn about the local Indigenous heritage.

Another notable museum in the city is the Canadian Forces Museum of Aerospace Defence, which showcases the region’s military history and features an impressive collection of aircraft and military memorabilia.

For those interested in art, the W.K.P. Kennedy Gallery is a contemporary art gallery that hosts rotating exhibitions and showcases works by local and regional artists.

You can also learn about the famous Dionne Quintuplets and explore the life of these history-making sisters by visiting the Dionne Quints Museum, and learn their legacy as inhabitants of early North Bay.

Whether you are interested in history, art, or military heritage, North Bay’s museums provide engaging and informative experiences for visitors of all ages.

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